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Yes. Our oil is steam distilled from the French “Grosso” lavender varietal and is 100% pure.

Since we recently purchased the business we’re transitioning and establishing new fields about a mile from the original farm. We still harvest from the original fields annually as the new plants mature into full production. We also have a wonderful greenhouse to start new plants for sale or planting in the beds.

We have 63 acres perched on volcanic cliffs overlooking the spectacular Plains of San Augustin and the mountains of the Gila Wilderness. Our clay soil is better suited for making adobe mud bricks than agriculture so we terrace growing plots with local rock and back fill with a mixture of sand and organics to maintain good drainage and good nutrients. It is labor-intensive work as we constantly expand…we have over 400 plants in our preliminary stages of farm relocation.

Probably. Lavender is drought tolerant and cold hardy like rosemary. The French and English varietals we grow have been subjected to 100°F heat and -20°F cold. That’s right, in a year New Mexico’s seasonal climates can shift ±120°F! And the lavender thrives. If you have well drained sandy soil and don’t over-water or over fertilize, lavender will love you back in almost any climate.

Neglect it. It needs sandy well-drained soil and over-watering and over-fertilizing is the most common killer. Test the soil with your finger, if it’s damp don’t water, if it’s bone dry give it a splash.  Good idea to give a winter sprinkle every couple of weeks if you’re not frozen in. Harvest the bloom spikes in early summer when the individual buds begin to open and use in bouquets or dry for sachet or culinary use. Trim back to the woody old growth in the fall.

Absolutely. While the Europeans have been perfecting lavender recipes forever, the U.S. is being educated on the culinary versatility of lavender buds. Reminiscent of a sage-rosemary cross and more aromatic it remarkably lends itself to a host of sweet or savory epicurean marvels. Visit our lavender recipe page for ideas and inspiration.

Try our lavender spice rub on a seared venison tenderloin. We fear no deer. If that’s not manly enough, check out our Rain Mesa Botanicals product line in our online store. The products are not lavender-based. They are formulated for anti-inflammatory and pain relief purposes from Amazonian jungle oils. The earthy pine scent combination should remind you of your lonely logging days in the Pacific Northwest, dude.

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We’d love to hear from you. Please keep in mind our farm is remote and off-grid. Our phone booster works great from the house and as members of Catron County Search and Rescue we are on call 24/7. But we’re constantly in the shop or fields so please leave us a message if you can’t reach us, we check voice mail constantly and your call is very important to us.


Frolicking Deer Lavender Farm is nestled in the high mesas of Datil, New Mexico. Datil is one hour West of Socorro, NM and two hours SW of Albuquerque, NM.